Roderick Edwards

Mudge: Master of Mischeif

That little critter was the master of the house. Oh, sure. There was a human in the house but the human was merely the pet. How confused was this human, thinking he was in control. Anyone could see that the human was at the beck and call of the creature. From dawn to dusk the human would pamper his master with affections, with gourmet foods, and with the finest luxuries any such creature could ask for. The master sent his human off into the world to work and work so that they could live in comfort. Whether cuddled on the back of a couch or in the lap of the slavish human, the creature was king.

All of this said, there was love between the master and the servant, no one could doubt. For many, many years they brought each other happiness and joy. For Mudge was the master of the house even though he was merely a cat. Love for him will live on in the heart of the human to whom he brought warmth and peace.

Roderick Edwards, 2002