Alan Ott


1)10th avenue. A termite castle paradise. Vertical 4x4-redwood post holds up the roof of the weakening structure. One post was perfect for a full length of carpet starting at the floor and not ending until reaching the ceiling. Kitten Mudge was training for indoor track and ankle grabbing. Mudge had on 90,000 occasions scaled the carpeted post in sub-second times. This was most amusing sitting back and watching kitty circle the house in random patterns at full speeds, then accelerating up the post.

2) Ankles. This was a passion for Mudge. There could not be an even succession of footsteps without their cadence getting severely altered but the quick clamping action of two strong forearms of Mudge. What an act. 6 pounds of cat chasing weight that is many multiples of his own weight. A game was had. One could surmise that this game was called "stop the long pendulums" from swinging in any pattern. Sock covered feet were the best of course. With two rows of well-maintained sharpened hooks, Mudge would use these to his fullest advantage. Yes, he did obtain a fine reaction. What can one do? . Mudge was far too cute to do anything to discipline him.