Cynthia Burns

Hello Royal Mudggererrr

I just want you to know how much I will miss you. I have known you since you were just a little spit of a kitten, and your name was Charlie. It was hard for me to start calling you Mudge, as I had only known you as Charlie, but eventually you convinced me through your special charm that Mudge was most definitely the right name for you.

I have watched the many adventures you and Len have traveled through together over the years and I know how much you meant to each other. You took such good care of him even though you didn't let him know it most of the time -- wouldn't want him to think that you really needed him for anything, but a warm place to sleep when you felt like it and a little chow now and again. Len is a special guy with a heart of gold and you found a place right in the center of it, as only a cat can do.

I love you Mr. Mudggeerrr and even though I miss you and as I am writing this, there are tears in my eyes -- I know that your spirit will always be in all of our hearts and we will carry you with us where ever we are, forever.

YOUR ROYAL SUBJECTS AT CabsPLACE Cynthia, Taura (who you are probably playing with right now--she is a beauty-but can hold her own with the boys), Misty, Sassha, Harmony, Tamisah and of course Princess "The Little Dog"