Veronica Elsea

A Mudge Moment

It was the first time I heard you swear! Really swear! With feeling! We were on the phone, in the midst of a great gripe session about Windows. As usual, you were doing three things at once, sitting there with the old clunker of a keyboard on your lap. Mudge had previously asked you nicely to get off the phone, but you ignored him. So in his usual fashion, you paid for it. He jumped on the keyboard, sending it flying. One key broke. He also tangled himself in the chord, placing your keyboard at even greater risk. In the process of reaching for the cord, just in case you hadn't completely gotten the message, his claws did some transcribing on your hand! Your uncharacteristically colorful response naturally elicited lots of laughter from me.

I never met Mudge in person, but I always enjoyed those brief, but funny interruptions that came at odd moments when he had climbed somewhere too interesting, or when you were guarding your food, or just laughing at him. He was definitely a cat with a sense of timing!

I'm sure there will always be moments when you'll be surprised by some little transcription from Mudge jabbing you in the hand. But when that happens, please call me and I swear, know you can swear and I'll laugh with you. Here's to Mudge! May he live in you forever!