Jen Cole


I remember when Todd, my late Labrador, and Mudge first met. Todd was standing in the hallway at Len's place, checking everything out. Mudge was in Len's room watching him carefully. When Todd got too close, Mudge lunged at him, jumping about 3 feet forward and hissing like a wildcat. Todd leapt back away from him in fear. That was the day the 8 lb grey wonder put my 100-lb Labrador in his place!


We had purchased this bathing product for cats that you just wipe on them, then wipe it off. We had bought it because Ada, my calico, had a flea problem and it was supposed to help. We had scrubbed up Aders with minimal problems and decided to polish up Mudge too. All was fine and dandy, except a growl here and there until we got to his ears... That was apparently enough of that! Mudge got free of Len's grip and ran up on to the window ledge. Let us just say the night ended with Len's blood on the white curtain and Mudge getting his way.


For all Mudge's tough guy act, what I remember about him most of all was his sweetness. He used to crawl in bed with me. I was warm and soft... useful. He would let me scratch his little grey head and purr. He definitely was a fireball, but all heart.