Yukiko Northon

Mudge in All His Glory.. Or I Shoulda Known This Was Coming...

When I met Mudge, he was running around in the cab of a truck that my then housemate owned.. I believe he was hanging from the rear view mirror and bouncing to the passenger side headrest. My then housemate said "Look! Isn't it cute?? I found it down on the Capitola Wharf trying to get in my car, so I brought it home.. know anyone that wants him??" and of course I said, "Yeah!! I do!!!.." After a phone call, I made arrangements to take him to his future home. She and I jumped in to the car and made a visit to a neighbor.. Just down the street..

Thus began the saga of Len and Mudge. Len's housemates had decided to try to name him "Charlie" but somehow, that just did not fit. And so with defiance, Mudge rarely answered to the name Charlie and of course when I called him Mudge and used my special whistle he would come running.

There have been so many numerous stories of Mudge's defiance and venerable claws, and just as many humor filled klutzy Mudge stories that it is hard to figure out the best one. I think my favorite story is of the day that Mudge Met His Match.. better known as Little One came to live here. Little One was a wirery, fast, nearly feral cat (who LOVED to be petted and loved and cuddled) that came to live with Len in Watsonville.. (yes, I was responsible for that one, too)

When Mudge came in.. saw that THIS THIS THIS 'OTHER CAT' was in the house, he stopped stared, glared and hissed. She simply walked up, met his glare and his hiss and went about looking at her new digs. I don't think Mudge quite knew what to make of this. But I do know that eventually, they did become friends.. (that is, when they thought no one was looking) and she taught him how to hunt.. and boy did they hunt.. but that.. is another several stories.

Having known Len for as many years and Mudge for nearly as many, I think the best story is the one where Len found a friend that he could trust and love unconditionally, and Mudge found food.. Ok, not just food, but love (on HIS terms), all the petting he wanted (on HIS terms) and devotion from a human well suited for his temperament (on HIS terms).