Bruce Irving

Well when Mudge was a wee thing, he was all claws and teeth. He used to hide and attack us as we rounded corners in our house. He'd often run up our legs and sink his claws in our thighs.

We had a pillar covered with carpet in the middle of our room. Sometimes we'd play "velcro-kitty" by extricating him from our thighs and tossing him onto the pillar - where he'd stick for a minute or so until he figured out how to get down.

Jenna Clark

walking through summer
charming your way into hearts
staying for a lifetime


Mudgers -

You had a charm that could melt
A thousand hearts
(And you did, plus thousands more)
You had a confidence and style
All your own
You walked around
As if you, Master Mudge, owned everyone
And everything
(And boy did you!)
You had us wrapped around your paws
Every time you appeared
That's how you wanted it
And how we wanted it too