Alejandra Ospina

Dear Mudge,

I want to thank you for bringing me into your world. Len says that in your time on this earth, you charmed many, and I can confess to being one of them. Who knew I would have a picture of a cat I never got the pleasure of meeting, framed and perched above my bed? I know you are the perching type, so it seems I found the best place. (Too bad there's a sliver of Len in that shot too.)

You must understand that through you, I gained a whole new circle of friends, and some perspective on what it means to be a cat. I never knew there was such power involved! But boy can I see it now. You changed a life in many ways, most of which I wouldn't know. It's a bond that is cherished, privately and for all to see, and one that will continue for the ages. You brought great joy to someone that is now special to me, and although you knew him first, I thank you for that, too.

I knew someone before, who as we typed, told of how his cat jumped around, knocked things over, and generally wreaked havoc in a regal, catlike way. I would eventually meet that cat.... but it was not this cat who turned me on to your kind. She was fickle, like you :-) but not gentle and clever, trademarks of you. You taught me that a cat is great for warmth, a creative typist, and an evil little acrobat. I started to wish that I had a Mudge around, and perhaps one day I will. I am, my dear Mudge, a convert, a cat person, and I owe it all to you. I am so glad that you were happy, that you lived, and loved, and knew who loved you, too.

Be good in Ben Lomond... they'll miss you in Santa Cruz.